Akkeshi New Born Foundations 3 has Hokkaido Mizunara on March 5

We now have an official date for the highly anticipated release of Akkeshi New Born Foundations 3: March 5, 2019. This one has a lot of people talking since it’s aged entirely in casks made from mizunara from Hokkaido itself, which is quite an accomplishment considering how high the wood is in demand these days.

In their Facebook post, the Akkeshi Distillery also revealed that there’s a theme to the coloring of their bottles: the Olympics! Foundations 1 was yellow, Foundations 2 was green, Foundations 3 will be blue, and Foundations 4 will be red. This leaves black for 2020’s Single Malt Akkeshi release.

Foundations 3 will be priced similar to previous releases, meaning 5800 yen for 200ml.

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