hosts a Whisky Bottle Share on July 21’s first ever whisky bottle share is happening on July 21 in Tokyo’s chic Ebisu/Daikanyama neighborhood!

Bottle shares are a great way to try new and different whiskies/other liquors and make new connections. Apart from a small fee to cover the venue rental, each attendee just brings a bottle to share – this is all you “pay” to join the event. So the more people that join, the wider variety of bottles everyone will be able to try! No festival crowds, no whisky bar dram prices, and no marketing angles.

There’s only a few simple rules:

  • Bring at least one bottle of whisk(e)y. If you want to ALSO bring something not whisky, that’s welcome too! Previously enjoyed bottles are fine as well
  • Expect to go home empty-handed
  • No minimum or maximum bottle price, but please be reasonable. If it’s too cheap or too expensive, we’ll notice!
  • This is a sharing party – keep that in mind when pouring your samples (self-serve)
  • If you have a sampling glass, bring it! Plastic sampling cups will be provided though

Date/Time: July 21, 1PM-4PM

Venue: Ebisu Wabistro “KINJO”, Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku, Ebisunishi, 2 Chome−8−5, 1F

Cost: 1000 yen, paid at the event. Mineral water will be provided!

RSVP: Sign-up for the event via Facebook or by dropping me an email

Let’s make this first event one to remember! See you there!

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