Mars Malt Le Papillon L. japonica

The Mars Malt Le Papillon L. japonica is the latest single cask whisky stealthily released by the Mars Shinshu Distillery.

This time around we have a whisky distilled in January 2013, aged for six years in an American white oak cask, then bottled in April 2019. No tasting notes are available, or at least I have not found any yet. But Musashiya says it is lightly peated. At 6 years, it’s matured for significantly than other recent entries in the series.

Like the last release that dropped out of seemingly nowhere, L. japonica here simply popped up at a handful of stores over the past week. Musashiya managed to wrangle a few bottles, but they are already sold out, for 12,960 yen.

L. japonica is also known as the Gifu butterfly, named after the prefecture where it was discovered in 1883.


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