Review: Nikka Black Rich Blend Extra Sherry

Nikka Black Rich Blend Extra Sherry is the latest from Nikka, just released on May 29, 2018. Similar to how last winter’s Nikka Black Aromatic was a limited edition of Nikka Black, Extra Sherry here is a limited edition take on Nikka Black Rich Blend. In fact, it’s the first such limited edition of the Nikka Black Rich Blend brand.

With demand for aged Japanese whiskies far outpacing the supply, Nikka is trying to fill the gap with younger-leaning releases such as this one.

Nikka Black Rich Blend Extra Sherry Review

While Extra Sherry does contain some 10+ year malt from Miyagikyo, it’s hard to miss the heavy reliance on grain going on here. 43% abv, 700ml.

Nose: Roasted banana, malt, salty caramel, and there’s even some muscat.

Palate: Quite sweet with prunes, dry fruit, and red grapes. A tad shallow; I preferred it without water.

Finish: The finish is short, dry, and mild. Sherry gives way to some citrus at the tail end.

Rating: B-

Price paid: 1900 yen

I enjoyed the nose the most of this one. While you could do worse, next time I think I’ll spend a few more yen for higher quality.


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