Yodobashi Camera begins selling alcohol

Japan’s other big box store has finally entered the retail alcohol game. Yodobashi Camera last month began selling alcoholic beverages in some of their brick and mortar shops — looks like the Shinjuku West flagship and Yokohama Multimedia store at the moment — as well as their online store.

The latter is particularly important since it means buyers can take advantage of the Yodobashi Xtreme delivery option, providing free same-day delivery nearly anywhere in Tokyo. This of course puts them in direct competition with the likes of Amazon Japan, Bic Camera, and Kakuyasu, who also provide same-day delivery. On the brick-and-mortar side their main antagonist will likely be Bic Camera, who over the years has built a reputation of being one of the cheapest places in Tokyo to pick buy liquor. Needless to say I expect Yodobashi will have some good promotions in 2019!

Like Bic Camera, you can use Yodobashi Points to buy alcohol. You can also earn points at a rate of 1% or 3% depending on the product.


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