Single Malt Akashi Beer Cask Finish

Eigashima Shuzo’s White Oak Distillery is releasing another bottle soon: Single Malt Akashi Beer Cask Finish, which is finished in ex-beer casks from Osaka’s Kuninocho Beer.

Single Malt Akashi Beer Cask finish is a vatting of 3+ year matured whiskies aged in American oak, French oak, and Bourbon casks, then married for a year in a cask supplied by Osaka’s Kotobuki Brewing. They haven’t said which Kuninocho beer was in the cask though.

Eigashima says we can expect a whisky that’s solidly sweet and sour, with just the right cask nuance and trailing smoke.

It’s been over a year since the last Akashi single malt expression dropped, so this came just at the right time.

As of this writing there are 8 bottles left for 6,600 yen apiece over at Eigashima’s webstore. 50% abv, 500ml, and it ships on November 2.

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