The House of KI NO BI opens in Kyoto, Spring 2020

Number One Drinks has announced their plans to open a Kyoto Dry Gin Ki No Bi-themed visitor center in Kyoto in Spring 2020.

The House of KI NO BI will feature a gin blending room, distillery VR tour, gin history, seminars, and of course a merch shop.

Kyoto is one of Japan’s — if not the world’s — big tourist attractions. Last month the city was voted as #2 in the world’s top 10 best large cities, and some 4.5 million people stayed overnight in 2017.

The Kyoto Distillery essentially created the “Japanese craft gin” category with the launch of Ki No Bi back in 2016.

As we learned in our recent interview with Head Distiller Alex Davies, the team at the Kyoto Distillery is well aware of the potential to reach people by having a permanent visitor-friendly location.

Although the exact location of the house has not yet been revealed, the concept images show a Kyoto machiya-style facade. I’ll add it to the Japan Distillery Map when I find out.

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