Craft Gin The Inland Sea Setouchi

There’s a new Japanese craft gin out since last Friday, dubbed “The Inland Sea Setouchi.” It brings together botanicals from across the various prefectures that surround the renowned Seto Inland Sea.

The new gin appears to be some sort of collaboration that involving three separate players in the Japanese bartending scene: Okayama Distillery makes the gin, Shinanoya is selling it, and that all appears to have been orchestrated in part by the owner of Shibuya’s Bar Caol Ila, Kobayashi-san.

Here are the botanicals and their origins:

  • Ginger from Hiroshima
  • Sansho from Hiroshima
  • Coriander from Okayama
  • Yuzu from Tokushima & Ehime
  • Lemon from Ehime
  • Grape from Okayama
  • Tea from Okayama
  • Kombu from Tokushima
  • Kuromoji from Okayama

That’s quite the mashup! It’s available for purchase at both Shinanoya shops and at their online shop, 4968 yen after tax. 46% abv, 700ml.

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