Review: Chichibu Chibidaru 2018

The first guest contribution to comes from David Tsujimoto of Aloha Whisky (FB/IG), who managed to snag one of the new Ichiro’s Malt Chibidaru 2018 bottles from Mitsukoshi/Isetan. Only 140 bottles were made available at 27,000 yen apiece. They’ve since gone up to 64,800 yen on Amazon JP. It’s a 5 year old whisky, but as the “Chibidaru” refers to a quarter cask of roughly 120L, don’t let the age fool you.

Chichibu Chibidaru is a 5yr old vatting of two quarter casks at a no color/ncf 63%abv. It was bottled exclusively for Mistukoshi Isetan, and as always, sold out in a flash. Here are my notes:

Nose: apple cider vanilla citrus purple berries licorice (no commas)

Palate: a mouthful of grandma’s warm spiced, but not spicy, apple pie chased with a bite of nutty pumpkin and custard pie

Finish: the warm notes of the nose and palate guide you on a long meandering walk back to the station. Have you ever been to Chichibu? If not, now you have

Thanks for the review, David!

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