Kura The Whisky Sherry Cask Finish from Okinawa’s Helios

Okinawa’s Helios Distillery is back with another KURA release. This time around, instead of a rum cask finish, we get a sherry cask finish.

So a far more standard cask for finishing a whisky than rum. But I feel like it may lose some of its uniqueness going to something as bog-standard as sherry.

Back when I reviewed the Rum Cask Finish, many of you were curious about the origins of the juice. Helios still isn’t making their own whisky, so Sherry Cask Finish here is also using imported Scotch. They then, for an unspecified duration, throw it into an oloroso sherry cask that the Helios company president bought in Spain.

Helios tells us to expect apples and apricot on the nose, vanilla on the palate, and woody bitter chocolate on the end.

40% abv, 750ml, 4950 yen including tax.

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