Nikka Ginspire is a peaty gin inspired by whisky

Nikka is the latest to jump on the peated gin bandwagon with a new release called “Ginspire.” Given the low cost of under 1500 yen after tax, it’s probably the company’s answer to Suntory’s success with Sui. Let’s have a look at Ginspire.

Dropping on September 13, 2022, Ginspire is Nikka’s first foray into the low-cost Japanese craft gin market. The company’s Nikka Coffey Gin, released back in 2017, is highly praised by bartenders inside and outside of Japan. But with Ginspire, they appear to be targeting consumers directly: consumers who might a decent gin, but don’t want to shell out too much.

Ginspire contains “over ten” botanicals, but they’re only telling us the obvious ones: juniper berries. The other is peated malt. It’s the same heavily peated malt that they use for their whiskies at both Yoichi and Miyagikyo. They say that while Ginspire has the refreshing lightness of a gin, the malt gives it body, and the peat gives a nice peaty finish.

We’ll see if it works. At only 1485 yen after tax, this is too affordable to not try. Drops on September 13, 2022 here in Japan for 700ml at 43% abv.

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