Chuhai Watch: -196°C Strong Zero Acerola, Asu no Shequasar, Mogitate Hyuganatsu

Three new chuhais recently announced, these should keep you warm as the nights get colder!

  • Suntory is re-releasing -196°C Strong Zero Acerola, the cherry variation known for being rich in nutrients like vitamin C. It has a pretty sour flavor for a cherry, so this should be a welcome addition. This was just released in May of this year so it will be back after a six-month hiatus. 9% abv and available beginning January 16 2018.
  • Also from Suntory is the Ashita no Shequasar, the third in the lineup just released in September of this year. It will be available from January 9, 2018. 5% abv.
  • Asahi has a limited-edition flavor of Mogitate Hyuganatsu, using the sweet & sour citrus from Japan’s Miyazaki prefecture. It contains 1% real fruit juice and 9% abv in 350ml or 500ml sizes.

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