Review: Hanyu, 2000-2013, Ichiro’s Malt, Kanda Bartender’s Choice, Barrel No. 959, 160/303, 60.9% abv.


Supposedly finished in a cognac barrel. Bottled for the Kanda Bartender Society in Tokyo and the bartender mentioned this bottle was for Bar Groovy.

Nose: light, malt and honey.

Palate: good body, honey, oh something different… like a strong pear and grape mixed juice, also plum juice (purple plums found in America) in there too. Definitely sweeter than normal.

Finish: quite mouth coating, seems both heavy but flowing simultaneously.

Wow this one was quite good! A little thick in texture and mouth coat, honey-relates flavors everywhere too. A pour that stood out that night.

Grade: B+

Couldn’t find quantifiable, reliable reviews.

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