Review: Muji Sake, 2017 edition

As reported last month, un-brand brand Muji released a Muji sake again in 2017, this time on December 22. Luckily I live nearby the flagship in Yurakucho, so I managed to pick up a bottle on launch day before they sold out. Let’s have some Muji-branded sake!

It’s worth noting here that this Muji sake (officially named simply “Nihonshu”) is a genshu, i.e. it has no added water. In terms of abv that comes to 17%, so pretty solid. There’s no filtration involved either. In a proper sake review I’d try the whole range. Served cold, served room temperature, and served warm/hot. But a genshu? Meh, not really meant for atsukan. That’s for stuff in the 13-14% range. So I’ll go ahead and skip the warm one here.

Dryness/sweetness: There’s no official figure from the maker, but my guess is around +4 SMV.

Bitterness/tartness: I’ll have to ding this one here a bit — it’s a tad too round for me. I could use a tad more bite in it.

Acidity: Again no official number but my guess is 1.7ish for acidity. If you like a good umami in your sake, this one is definitely for you. I’m thinking roasted bacon over a campfire.

Overall a very smooth and full-bodied sake! Should go great with red meat or something oily.

Rating: B+

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