Akkeshi New Born Foundations 2 is peaty this summer

TTB filings by California-based Tokiwa Imports reveal that, as expected, the next iteration of Akkeshi New Born will be called Foundations 2 and is peated. The label indicates “Bottled June 2018” so we’ll probably see a release in Japan in July or so.

Akkeshi New Born Foundations 1 has been relatively well-received by the Japanese whisky community, though my own review is one of the more negative voices. A goal of the Akkeshi Distillery is recreating Islay single malts in Japan. Which is to say, quite peaty. So a peated new born ought to be more representative of the Single Malt Akkeshi due in 2020. If the distillery sticks to their plans, we’ll see Foundations 3 and 4 in 2019, probably aged in mizunara.

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