Sazerac’s The Last Drop to release a 20+ year Hanyu & other blended malt

The Last Drop, “Curators of the World’s Most Remarkable Spirits,” have gotten their hands on a single cask of 20 to 40-year-old blended Japanese malt whisky from the likes of Hanyu. 177 bottles are slated for release in the US.

No. 25 in The Last Drop’s collection will be the company’s first-ever Japanese whisky. It’s a blended malt from Hanyu and other famed distilleries, distilled and matured entirely in Japan.

What other distilleries? They haven’t said. My guess is Karuizawa and/or Kawasaki, given the ages in the blend of 20 to 40 years.

Interestingly, it’s also apparently a 60% abv single cask bottling, with only 177 bottles available. Since the malts are from different distilleries and have different ages, The Last Drop is probably talking about a marriage cask. That single cask was an ex-Sherry one, too, making it “expressive and complex, but remarkably fresh for its age.”

No word on release date or price, but yeah, I can’t imagine it being very affordable for the average drinker.


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