Gin-Posium Japan 2019, November 24

Gin-Posium Japan is back for its 3rd year! More seminars, more booths, and of course more great new gins to try.

Although we haven’t seen quite as many new Japanese craft gins introduced in 2019 as we did in 2018, there are still plenty new ones. Our recent Japanese Craft Gin Roundup covered some 29 different brands, and since that article was posted, even more are coming along.

Gin-Posium Japan 2019 luckily does not fall on the same weekend as Whisky Festival in Tokyo, so we can avoid having to compromise like we did last year.

Again at Toyocho’s Hotel East 21, the Gin-Posium this year follows the same format as last year. That means there are seminars running from 1PM to 3:30PM, then tasting of gins plus cocktails at booths from 4PM to 18:30PM.

Angus Winchester returns. His two seminars this year are entitled “Gin and the Military” (90 minutes) and “Enjoying Different Types of Gin” (30 minutes).

This year’s 30 booths come from 28 different companies. In addition to Japanese gin, you’ll find plenty of great gins from throughout the world. Like last year, there will also be a stage cocktail performance by Mr. Winchester, and of course additional cocktails and light food throughout.

If you’d like to attend both the seminars (with tastings) and the later tasting party, advance tickets (via e-Plus)are suggested at a cost of 4000 yen. “Suggested” because same-day tickets might not be sold for the seminars. For just the tasting session, on the other hand, the cost is 3000 yen whether you buy in advance or at the door.

To get a better idea of what Gin-Posium Japan is all about, check out our video from the 2018 event below, and our event report 2017!

Give me a shout if you see me there!

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