Yamagata’s Yuza Distillery goes live in November

Nikkei brings word that Yamagata prefecture’s first and only Japanese whisky distillery, the Yuza Distillery, celebrated completion of the facility this past Friday.

Actual distillation of whisky is slated to begin in November, so congratulations to the team for their quick turnaround.

Some other technicals can be gleamed from Nikkei’s reporting:

  • Stills are Forsyths, and engineers trained the team from October 3 to 16, with installation of the stills beginning in July
  • 105,000L yearly output, or 525L daily
  • Maturation will also begin this year, with a minimum 3 years, so first products will be in 2021
  • The whisky business will be supported using revenues from their shochu business
  • They went “way over” their 500mio JPY budget to build the distillery

Great to see another new entrant getting things rolling! Will they give into the pressure to get product out the door and release new pot though? We’ll have to wai

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