Suntory’s Japanese Craft Liqueur Kanade

Suntory is set to launch a new line of liqueurs on June 4, 2019 under a brand named “Japanese Craft Liqueur Kanade.”

While we don’t have any images of the bottles just yet, we do have some details on what flavors the first three releases will bring along:

  • Kanade Matcha at 25% abv
  • Kanade Yuzu at 20% abv
  • Kanade White Peach at 20% abv

Each bottle will be priced at 2000 yen, and is said to be “expertly blended” to bring out the best in each uniquely Japanese ingredient. Suntory already offers a matcha liqueur in the form of Japone, so it could be interesting to see how they try and avoid cannibalization.

The company has been on a Japanese craft bonanza the past couple years, with Japanese Craft Gin Roku, Japanese Craft Vodka Haku, and the recent Japan Premium Syrup Watsunagi line of flavorings. These liqueurs are likely to be met with open arms by bartenders in Japan, as they dial up the Japan-ification of their cocktails in advance of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


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