Event Report: Grand Malt Tasting 2017

MHD held their Grand Malt Tasting 2017 event on September 8, 2017. One of the highlights of the event was sampling the unreleased Ardbeg An Oa, the latest iteration from the Ardbeg Distillery. Way too peaty for me!

The event is put on by MHD themselves, so it’s effectively a PR event that’s open to the public, and isn’t free (4000 yen charge). That’s not to say it was a bad value though, since you were free to sample as much as you like. All in all there were 12 single malts on hand:

The full lineup


Each brand got its own dedicated tasting station:


I’m not entirely sure why but the event had a glamping theme, of all things.

Talk show
I didn’t find much time to sit…
Ardbeg Distillery VR tour
An Oa booth empty, since they were only giving out one sample per person of this. Likely because it’s still unreleased in Japan — the release date is October 4. 
Ardbeg An Oa
I found it to be too peaty for my tastes
Main bar
I guess the dog is supposed to be Shortie, Ardbeg’s mascot dog
Dr Bill Lumsden
After the talks were over, a DJ provided some BGM


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