Final Fantasy Whisky commemorates 30 years of the series

Chocobos! Airships! Bahamut! Cactuar! And now you can apparently add Final Fantasy whisky to that list. Square Enix has teamed up with Shinanoya to release a whisky to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy, originally launched in 1987. The whisky, named “Glenfarclas 1987-2017 Refill Sherry Hogshead #3816 FINAL FANTASY 30th ANNIVERSARY,” is set to be released on February 2nd here in Japan. Pre-orders open up at Shinanoya brick-and-mortar stores from January 22nd, and online from January 26th at noon JST. A mere 303 bottles of these are being sold, so if you can afford the 37,000 yen asking price, get in early. Long-time FF artist Yoshitaka Amano has also designed the label art for this bottle too.

This one strikes a personal note for me. Glenfarclas is one of my favorite Scotch distilleries (just like everyone and their brother). But I’ll never forget my time in front of the screen playing through Final Fantasy 7. That game represents not only the dominant Squaresoft/Sony PS1 tag-team during that era, but for me personally it was one of the catalysts that inspired me to study Japanese in the first place. /nostalgia

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