Black Nikka Deep Blend Night Cruise, May 28

The next budget-conscious blended release out of Nikka is going to be called “Black Nikka Deep Blend Night Cruise.”

Nikka has been going bananas with these “limited editions” of Nikka Black over the past couple years — Deep Blend Extra Sweet, Extra Sherry, and before that Nikka Black Aromatic are the first that come to mind. They’re cheap enough have also been quite forgettable.

Night Cruise here is priced similarly, around 2100 yen per the Amazon JP listing. While I am not entirely sure how it’s related to cruising at night, Night Cruise is supposed to be peaty, smoky, and woody. Like…a… ship? Who knows.

It’s due out on May 28, so there are still several months for us to contemplate the name.

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