Liquor Mountain Ginza 777 Grand Opening on Jan 11

Liquor Mountain has announced the grand opening of their new store smack in the middle of Ginza’s bar district, located at the address Tokyo-to Chuo-ku Ginza 7-7-7. The grand opening is next week, January 11 from 11AM.

I normally don’t cover such individual store or bar openings or closings, because Tokyo is huge, but as part of the grand opening they’re doing some special sales that sound quite exciting. If you’re not already familiar with the Kyoto-based Liquor Mountain, this is a good opportunity to check one out as they are expanding quite rapidly in Tokyo and have proven popular with whisky enthusiasts.

The new Ginza 777 store opens at January 11 at 11AM, with some awesome doorbusters:

  • A 5000-yen Whisky Lottery consisting of 100 bottles, where 1st prize is the highly exclusive Yamazaki 18y Mizunara 2017 Edition, 2nd prize is Nikka Moscatel Finish, and 3rd prize is Kavalan Solist Vignon Barrique Y’s Cask. There are of course 97 other bottles in the lottery and it looks to me like it’s impossible to lose out here.
  • 3 bottles of Kavalan Solist Peaty Cask Strength autographed by Master Blender Ian Chang. These are going for 23,000 yen + tax — these normally sell for around 25,000 without the autograph.
  • 50 minibottles (100ml) of Nagahama Prototype Mizunara Cask #001 for 3000 yen + tax. Nagahama Distillery is one I will be watching closely in 2018, so this is very exciting as it’s the first aged release from the distillery.
  • Whisky Roulette means you can score some free swag if you purchase any whisky bottle over 3000 yen by January 13.
  • 10ml tastings of over 1000 whiskies in-store, such as 400 yen for Wakatsuru Moon Glow, 700 yen for the Kavalan Solist Vignon Barrique Y’s Cask, and many more.
  • In a celebration of the bubbly Ginza culture, they’re also selling a Armand de Brignac La Collectio, and a Dom Perignon P3 1971. Prices unavailable, but if you have to ask, forget it!

Despite being a weekday, expect the grand opening to be very crowded. If last year’s Whisky Festival was any indicator, some people will probably be camping overnight.

Seems like a great way to kick off the new year to me!

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