Mars Malt Le Papillon A. cardamines

There’s another new single cask whisky release in the Mars Whisky’s successful butterfly series. This time around we have a Sherry butt: cask #3397. Online lottery now open!

While the last release was a double-cask deal, we’re back to single cask for Mars Malt Le Papillon A. cardmines.

That single cask is apparently a sherry butt that was filled in November 2015. The whisky found its way into bottles in June 2020, making this one about 4.5 years. Distillation and maturation at Mars Whisky’s Shinshu distillery.

In Japan, A, cardamines is found only in alpine elevations of the Chubu region. The butterflies also go by the name “orange tip” for obvious reasons.

Mars Shinshu’s single cask whiskies are held in pretty high regard around these parts. If you’re interested in getting in on the lottery for this bottle, you can do so at Hombo Shuzo’s product page. 58% abv, 700ml, and 12100 after tax for one of the 643 bottles.

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