Chuhai Watch: Pear, sumomo, kiwi, acerola, and melon soda

I think Japan skipped spring this year. In this edition of Chuhai Watch we’ve got lots of new fruity chuhais coming soon to push you right into early summer!


  • Kokushibori Pear is 15% real pair juice. Not a very common flavor for cocktails! It’s 4% abv and comes out on May 29.
  • Suntory is also releasing a pair of some summer-only flavors in their -196℃ series, the Summer Kiwi and Summer Hyuganatsu chuhais. The kiwis come from Ehime prefecture and the Hyuganatsu are from Miyazaki. Both drop on June 5 at 5% abv.
  • The “Tomorrow’s Acerola Sour” uses acerolas, also known as the world’s greatest source of vitamin C. Also 5% abv, coming on May 29.
  • Adding to the Moscow Mule and Gin & Tonic flavors already available, Suntory is releasing The Cocktail Bar Professional Dry Mojito. It’s a 7% abv summer-only release as well, coming on June 12. As you may remember I wasn’t blown away by the others in this series!
  • Melon soda is normally a kids drink but hey, who says adults can’t enjoy it as well. Japanese people are usually pretty adverse to artificial food coloring, yet for some reason I’ll never understand, (always) neon green melon soda gets a pass. Horoyoi Melon Sour is being released on June 12 at 3% abv.


  • Sumomo is also known as Japanese plum. There’s a new Hyoketsu that uses the fruit coming on May 29: Kirin Hyoketsu Yamanashi Sunny Sumomo. They’ve spent 2 years working with local farmers to make this one happen! 4% abv.
  • Another summer-only flavor, Hyoketsu Strong Kiwi comes along May 8th. 9% abv here!

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