Lottery now open for Mars Single Malt Komagatake Aged 27 Years

Hombo Shuzo’s Shinshu Distillery is breaking up some more decades-old casks for another Komagatake release. This one is the “Single Malt Komagatake Aged 27 Years.” There have been a couple other whiskies out of Shinshu with the same age statement, and they look to be around the same price range. Here we have a blend of four different casks:

  • American White Oak #382 from 1986
  • Sherry #327 from 1986
  • Sherry #570 from 1988
  • Sherry #1068 from 1990

Tasting notes indicate that it’s a rich with plum, apricot, and vanilla, and it’s “plenty complex” all the way to the finish. 46% abv at 700ml.

The 1246 bottles of this are being sold via a lottery on Mars’ Rakuten Shop, each going for 73,440 yen after tax. It ships on April 3, so winners shouldn’t need to wait too long!


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