Suntory’s The Cocktail Bar Professional Gin & Tonic, Moscow Mule RTDs

Suntory’s The Cocktail Bar Professional Gin & Tonic, Moscow Mule RTDs

Suntory is bringing some RTDs out on April 3rd that should appeal to the barely more discerning combini drinker. The one who walks into a combini, gets all huffy, and turns to their friend and says: I want a drink, but chuhai is too cheap and I don't feel like beer. Enter "The Cocktail Bar Professional Gin & Tonic" and "The Cocktail Bar Professional Moscow Mule."

Looking at the Gin & Tonic first, the base spirit is a blend of a twice-distilled no-name gin and Suntory's Roku craft gin. No, they didn't give the ratio. That's mixed with a lime-infused spirit -- they do the same thing for their Kokushibori series -- and topped off with tonic. Look closely and you'll find that it doesn't actually contain any lime juice? I guess we'll just have to wait and see just how limey the infusion turns out.

The Moscow Mule is a tad more simplistic, as it uses a twice white birch-filtered vodka made from Japanese rice with a spicy ginger kick. This one does contain 1% lime juice, so perhaps it could fare a bit better when you're getting smashed at 2AM in front of the 7-11.

Pre-mixed cocktails definitely aren't anything new. And they're usually "meh" at best. But when Suntory does them? Who knows! They haven't tried this hard before. Suntory does indeed know a thing or two about distilling their own liquor, so it's probably worth a try at least. My G&Ts or Moscow Mules tend to be around 14% abv though, so hopefully these don't turn out to be too sweet. We'll see.

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