Kin no Bi Kyoto Gold Gin, the Goldschläger of Japanese gin

A few weeks back we found out that “Kin No Bi” would be the name of one of the Kyoto Distillery’s upcoming releases. They have now revealed the initial details of the new gin.

Although not yet on the distillery’s homepage, they did make a post on their Facebook page last week. From the few details they posted, we know that it does indeed use edible gold leaf, from Kyoto’s Horikin.

Gold leaf maker Horikin’s history goes back to 1711. In 1985 they successfully developed an edible gold leaf named “Maiko Brand,” which is presumably what’s being used here in Kin No Bi. Maiko Brand is 95.4% gold and 4.6% silver, putting it around 23K.

Adding gold leaf to a bottle of booze isn’t a new concept, but this is a first for Japanese craft gin. And what could be more appropriate than Kyoto gold for the Kyoto Distillery.

No word on price, but it launches outside of Japan mid-November and within Japan in early December.

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