Nagahama Distillery now accepting second round of cask owners

Japan’s smallest whisky distillery, the Nagahama Distillery, is now taking orders for their second round of cask owners.

Open until May 31, the distillery is offering ten of each of the following casks:

  • 40L sherry cask, 5 year max aging, 450,000 yen before taxes and fees
  • 50L virgin Swedish oak cask, 5 year max aging, 550,000 yen before taxes and fees
  • 125L Laphroaig quarter cask, 7 year max aging, 850,000 yen before taxes and fees

The new make headed into each cask this year is 63% abv, and like other cask owners’ programs you’ll be able to choose exactly when you want the whisky bottled. The Nagahama Distillery offers different peating levels of their new makes, but it looks like they aren’t extending the option to the cask ownership program.

After the Shizuoka Distillery and Kanosuke Distillery, this makes 2019’s third opportunity to become a cask owner at a Japanese craft whisky distillery.

Orders are open until May 31, and are only being accepted via fax, post, or email. Those interested should move quickly as there are only 10 casks of each type available!

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