Chuhai Watch: strawberries, peaches, and lemons

The winter chuhai onslaught continues, with 4 more chuhais coming soon to a Japan near you!

  • Kirin is up first with Hyoketsu Beni Hoppe, using a particular brand of strawberry from Shizuoka prefecture known for being red and juicy. Beni Hoppe roughly translates as “red cheeks.” They aren’t saying exactly how much fruit juice ends up in these but since it’s strawberry I’m guessing it should be quite a lot. 4% abv, 350ml/500ml, and available nationwide for a limited time only from December 19.
  • In similar strawberry news is Suntory’s Kokushibori Premium Brilliant Strawberry, with a gnarly 15% fruit juice and added brandy to bring some extra depth to the flavor. Look for this one from January 30, 2018, in 350ml at 5% abv. It will only be around this winter.
  • Just in case you’re not interested in getting black-out drunk on chuhai(?), Suntory has you covered with a limited-edition Horoyoi White Sour White Peach. It uses a milk-style base so ought to be sweet as hell at 3% abv. 350ml available from January 23.
  • We last heard from Sapporo about the Kire-to Lemon Sour series back in July, so the addition of Kire-to Lemon Sour with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is welcome news. Here you have the same 10% lemon juice, 5% abv, but you get some 10mg of HA in the can as well. I don’t know if ingestion of HA is really effective, but it’s supposed to help your joints. That’s in addition to the 2g of citric acid and 200mg of Vitamin C. I guess if you’re drinking anyway, you may as well cover some vitamin bases as well. This comes out January 23 for a limited time.

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