Gin-Posium Japan 2018 on November 25

Gin-Posium Japan is back for its second year in a row! Scheduled for November 25 from 1PM to 6PM, the event is again being held at Toyocho’s Hotel East21.

Like last year, the event consists of a seminar section then a tasting/party afterwards. For the seminars, special guest Mr. Angus Winchester returns — this year his seminar is entitled “Localism of Gin.” Localism is something we’ve seen Japanese craft gin brands like Ki No Bi and Sakurao latch onto, so this should be an especially topical seminar. Kazunori Torii of Suntory returns for a Roku seminar, and a new guest is Jared Brown of Sipsmith fame.

Tickets are already being sold via e-plus. Attending the seminar and party runs 4000 yen, while tickets for just the tasting and party are 3000 yen. Check out my event report from last year’s Gin-Posium for a better idea of what to expect — needless to say there’s a wide variety of both Japanese craft gins and imported gins available. Per the press materials there will be 34 companies with 39 booths, so an increase of 7 booths compared to last year.

Please be aware that November 25 is the same day as day 2 of the Whisky Festival 2018 in Tokyo. Tough decision!

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