About nomunication.jp & Whiskey Richard

About nomunication.jp

The goal of nomunication.jp is simple: sharing the joy of drinking in Tokyo with the world

"Nomunication" is a bilingual portmanteau of 飲む, the Japanese verb "to drink," and the English word communication. In Japan nomunication typically refers to the kind of open communication that, for many people, only comes out when sharing several drinks with coworkers or customers.

Although Tokyo has so many fantastic ways to have a share a great night with the important people in your life, or even alone, there are so many options it can at times be overwhelming. This is especially true for those who may be visiting for the first time and those who don't speak Japanese. Tokyo and Japan has definitely enjoyed increased global recognition recently, but the language barrier remains high. This can make finding information on where to drink, what to drink, and even how to drink pretty difficult. nomunication.jp aims to tackle this disconnect head-on.

While there are plenty of travel blogs out there with hazy accounts of crazy salarymen in the dankest parts of Shinjuku's Golden Gai and countless "Top 10 Bars in Tokyo" features in magazines, nothing seemed to have the proper depth or commitment to communicate what it's actually like to go out drinking here in Tokyo. So let's change that together!

I hope you find the content here informative and useful, whether you're just coming to Tokyo as a visitor, or you've made this your new home. If you can get through my terrible writing and like what you see, be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed, and like the Page on Facebook to keep tabs on the latest updates.

About Whiskey Richard

20161005-000010-smallMy history with cocktails doesn't go back decades, instead, it's as recent as 2008. That's when I first moved to Tokyo from the southeastern US. A couple weeks after moving here, I decided one night to venture out into the unknown and came across Dining Bar "..and be silent" in Kanda. It was the bartender there, Morita-san, who introduced me to the full depth of cocktails. As the years have gone by I've made a point of exploring the more local side of Tokyo's nightlife in pursuit of a first-hand education.

So after countless drinks, thousands of nights out, and a healthy serving of self-study, I'm a certified Level 2 "Cocktail Expert" by the Cocktail Culture Foundation of Japan. I've also passed Level 3 of the Japan Whisky Research Centre's Whisky Kentei. Both certifications are offered only in Japanese.

But having a piece of paper with my name on it doesn't make me an expert on cocktails by any stretch. You won't find me arguing over why certain bitters need to be homemade, the best way to infuse butterscotch into an artisan gin made with elderberries, or discussing the implications of different char levels. I'm not that technical!

What do I normally drink? Besides cocktails I'll also regularly reach for a nice crisp sake, shochu on the rocks, or even a simple lager every once in a while. You'll find those preferences reflected in the content of the site.

Please download the nomunication.jp Media Kit (日本語版はこちら) as well for more and contact info. Enjoy your stay and... kampai! If you have any questions or comments please contact me at richard@nomunication.jp.