Take the aroma of sake to the afterlife with One Cup Ozeki sake incense sticks

Candle and incense maker Kameyama has teamed up with famous sake maker Ozeki to produce One Cup Ozeki brand sake scented incense for use at home. “Your loved ones’ hearts may be throbbing in anticipation of being able to drink everyday in heaven,” the PR reads. The label is of course designed to look exactly like an actual cup of One Cup Ozeki! It’s a favorite of the “working class old man sake” shelf at combinis throughout Japan.

Let’s get cultural for a minute. A feature of many traditional Japanese Buddhist homes is a butsudan, basically an in-home shrine that you use to honor your deceased family members, with offerings made in the form of fruit, rice, or drinks. Normally you also burn incense to clear the air of evil spirits at the butsudan while performing the daily rituals. The sake-loving departed will love it. Science has proven aromas evoke positive memories. It’s a win-win!

Nobody says you have to own a butsudan for this either. If you simply like the smell of sake lingering in the air, pick some of these sticks up. 680 yen for about 45g!

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