Review: Karuizawa 21, 1991, The School of Malt – Lesson III, Number One Drinks, Selected by Dave Broom, Sherry Butt #9091, 63.7% abv.

From the, in my opinion, strange looking The School of Malt, Dave Broom labels. Dave Broom is the author of “Whisky: A User’s Guide” and also writes/reviews for a variety of outlets, such as Whisky Advocate [he also wrote The Way of Whisky: A Journey Around Japanese Whisky, as we interviewed him last year–Ed.] To be honest, I initially thought it was a label of Jesus, the one from western civilization.

Nose: honey, fruity.

Palate: some wood, some smooth smoke, full body, a variety of strong flavors, none that are dominant. Definitely didn’t feel like it’s sherry related. Admittedly not the most descriptive of reviews.

Finish: short, initial smoke then smoothes out to a spicey feel.

This was quite good, especially for a midrange dram and admittedly exceeded my lower than low expectations for a Jesus label. A variety of flavors focused on lightly smoked wood chips, full bodied. Nose was good too. Karuizawa is truly something. Had this at Mash Tun, Tokyo, Japan.

Grade: B+

Whiskynotes, Ruben Luyten, 87/100
Thejapanesewhiskyreview, Brian, 78/100

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