Black Nikka Rich Blend Extra Sherry on May 29

Although not yet announced by Nikka, several online shops have today put up pre-orders for a new edition of Rich Blend: Black Nikka Rich Blend Extra Sherry.

This is a limited edition of Black Nikka Rich Blend, but we don’t know how limited just yet. I’m going to guess it will be as limited as the special edition Nikka Blacks we saw last year. Which is to say, not terribly limited at all! Guess we’ll see.

Just translating the supplied tasting notes here. Sounds like a bottle for the sherry cask fan in your life:
Nose: Fruity and fresh Miyagikyo malt
Palate: Smooth & sweet honey, sherry cask richness with deep and mellow dried fruits
Finish: Faint bitterness lasts just long enough

It’s coming on May 29, 43% abv at 700ml for around 2000 yen per the product listing. I’ll post again when there’s an official announcement from Nikka!

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