Shizuoka Distillery Private Cask 2018 coming soon

Reservations for next year’s private casks at the Shizuoka Distillery are opening up soon. Beginning at 12PM JST on December 12, you can make your reservation via Whisky Port.

Casks are priced as below:

  • Barrel (195L): 1,188,000 yen for peated, 1,080,000 yen for non-peated. Max age 10 years, 240 bottles
  • Quarter (120L): 732,600 yen for peated, 666,000 yen for non-peated. Max age 7 years, 120 bottles
  • Octave (60L): 366,300 yen for peated, 333,000 yen for non-peated. Max age 5 years, 50 bottles

All casks are ex-bourbon. Upon bottling you’re also responsible for alcohol tax, sales tax, the bottling fee, and shipping. Payment must be made via bank transfer. So: how much of a fan of Japanese whisky are you? You have just over 2 weeks to decide!

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