Chuhai Watch: orange vinegar, apple ginger, mango, oroblanco

Lots and lots of chuhai still coming in time for summer! Pretty much all of these are summer-only. So if there’s a specific one you like, stock up! usually sells by the case.


  • Sapporo is hastily adding another new limited edition flavor to their Rirakusu line of female-friendly strong chuhais: Orange Vinegar. It starts shipping on June 12, 8% abv like the rest of the series. Speaking of which, Sapporo can’t keep these on the shelves: they sold 210,000 cases within a week of release. Their target for the year is 1mio cases, so in only a week they got 20% of the way there. Nice!


  • The newest Tabisuru Hyoketsu flavor is Apple Ginger. This series has now been going strong for a year, and Apple Ginger is the first season-limited release. This one is supposed to resemble a Moscow Mule. But at 4% abv, that’s an awfully weak one. Drops on May 22.



  • We again get Mogitate Oroblanco! 9% abv and only available from May 8 until the end of July. This flavor was previously available from November until January, so it must have been doing quite well for Asahi to bring it back so quickly.
  • Two new “Japanese summer” flavors in the Asahi Chuhai Kajitsu no Shunkan (“fruit moment”) line: Ibaraki Andes Melon and Aomori Apricot. Both 4% abv. Surprisingly, Ibaraki prefecture actually puts the most melons of any prefecture in Japan — more melons than even Hokkaido, despite the latter being more famous for them.


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