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On October 1, 2020, I announced my partnership with the Japan Whisky Research Centre, enabling us to provide English translations of articles from Japan’s premier whisky/spirits magazine, Whisky Galore, here on nomunication.jp. Today, I’ve taken down the paywall.

The original concept was that you gained access to the most exclusive, latest information about Japan’s rapidly growing whisky and spirits scene in exchange for a small monthly fee. On-site distillery reports, interviews with key industry figures, data-backed thought pieces, etc.

After some contemplation, I’ve decided that everyone should have access to that content. This means it must be free and not behind a paywall. The Japan Whisky Research Centre agrees. We share a mutual goal of spreading accurate and up-to-date information about Japanese spirits. This goal trumps any financial goal.

In celebration of Japanese Whisky Day on April 1, I’m happy to announce that past and future Whisky Galore articles translations are now available to anyone. No sign-ups. No credit card bills. They are all here, so click away. Below you’ll find a few recent highlights. Kampai!

As an aside to those paying until now: your support is appreciated! As a thank-you for your patronage, you’ll find that you were not charged during March 2022.

  • [Whisky Galore] Hanyu Distillery’s Rebirth

    [Whisky Galore] Hanyu Distillery’s Rebirth

    It’s back. We visit the new Hanyu Distillery, now fully operational. Hanyu, Saitama, has been prosperous in indigo dyeing since the Edo Period. It’s here that a distillery well-known to many whisky fans, Hanyu Distillery, produced malt whisky until 2000. Some 20 years later, the Hanyu Distillery has finally returned. We report from the new…

  • [Whisky Galore] Kaikyo Distillery: Fusing Japanese alcohol and Scotch traditions in Hyogo

    [Whisky Galore] Kaikyo Distillery: Fusing Japanese alcohol and Scotch traditions in Hyogo

    In Akashi, Hyogo prefecture, the maker of “Akashi-Tai” sake encountered new unexpected opportunities while building routes to market in the UK. They are now the sister distillery of Torabhaig in Scotland, and have begun whiskymaking fusing the techniques of both Japan and the West. Text: Mamoru TsuchiyaImages: Mamoru Tsuchiya, “Fishing Cafe” Editing DepartmentTranslation: Whiskey Richard…

  • [Whisky Galore] Hioki Distillery: Kanosuke’s grain whisky endeavour

    [Whisky Galore] Hioki Distillery: Kanosuke’s grain whisky endeavour

    Kanosuke Distillery’s first single malt release is still fresh in mind. The company has turned the possibility of making grain whisky into reality, and an in-house blended whisky is well within their sights. Today, we look at what makes the Hioki Distillery’s grain special, given their use of existing shochu equipment and unique process. Text:…

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