10 buildings at Yoichi Distillery upgraded to Important Cultural Property status

Great news for visitors to the Yoichi Distillery: ten buildings at the distillery have been added to Japan’s list of Important Cultural Properties, This essentially puts the distillery one rung down from being called a National Treasure of Japan.

Back when we hit up Yoichi several years ago, I mentioned that nine buildings were Registered Tangible Cultural Properties. Those nine buildings, plus another building, have just been labeled Important Cultural Properties by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Per Asahi’s press release, the ten buildings are:

  • Former office
  • Office building
  • Stillhouse
  • Rackhouse
  • Liqueur factory (currently: blending room)
  • Kiln #1
  • Kiln #2
  • Laboratory/residence (currently: Rita’s House)
  • Rackhouse #1
  • Rackhouse #2

While Yoichi Distillery is obviously an important part of history, it’s also strikingly modern: last year the company recently added a biogas plant at the distillery to conserve resources.


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