Introducing the Shop and Japan Whisky Maker Map

Today the shop goes live. For the time being there is only a single product, but I’d say it’s a pretty damn good one. The Japan Whisky Maker Map combines the power of the popular Japan Distillery Map with an eye-catching design that will make an excellent addition in any bar.

Rather than put advertising on this site, put my hand out for your charity via Patreon, or become a shill for some specific company, we’ll do this the old-fashioned way. I’ll sell stuff to you! You can support this site, get yourself an awesome poster, and I can put the funds towards making things around here even better. Everyone wins!

If the Japan Whisky Maker Map reminds you of the Tokyo subway map, that’s because it’s crafted to look exactly the same. It features more than 50 facilities, be them past distilleries, future ones, or even non-distilling producers. Choose your preferred size, and the poster will be sent to you anywhere in the world!

Click here for more information and buy your map now!

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