Single Malt Komagatake Double Cellars Bottled in 2018

Hombo Shuzo’s first Mars Whisky release of 2018 will be Single Malt Komagatake Double Cellars Bottled in 2018. The “Double Cellars” here refers to the cellars of both the Mars Shinshu Distillery and the Mars Tsunuki Distillery — this one is a vatting of whiskies that were matured in both distilleries in either bourbon barrels or new cask American white oak. That said the liquid was all distilled at Shinshu, so I suppose that’s why they’re still calling it a single malt.

There will be 3840 bottles available, and as I write this there are some still available on Rakuten for 8100 yen per bottle (46% abv, 700ml). They start shipping on February 7. Tasting notes indicate that you should expect soft fruitiness of apricot and plum, matched with a bit of sweetness of vanilla and honey.

Mix this with some of last year’s Yakushima Aging and you’ve got all three Mars facilities in a single glass. It’s good to see that the Tsunuki Distillery is beginning to push more whisky out the door — the world needs it!

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