Chuhai Watch: Strong Zero Plum, Yamazaki Umeshu Soda, Mogitate Apple

Suntory estimates the RTD category will grow by another 10% this year! By far the fastest growing genre here in Japan. Of course there are plenty more releases on the horizon to help hit those numbers.

  • Asahi brings along Mogitate Green Apple, slated for an April 3rd release for a limited season. It’s available in both 350ml and 500ml sizes, 9% abv like the rest of the Mogitate series.
  • Getting into Suntory, first up is -196°C Strong Zero Green Plum, also at 9% abv. This flavor is a first for the Strong Zero series.
  • Suntory is also releasing a RTD version of their pre-mixed gin & tonic, dubbed Suntory Ice Gin Dry Gin & Tonic. It’s coming on May 7 at 7% abv.
  • Those into mandarin oranges should look out for Suntory Horoyoi Cool Mandarin Sour, at only 3% abv it should be a good way to cool down as your summer begins. May 15.
  • A while back Suntory released an umeshu aged using former Yamazaki whisky casks that are charred once. That umeshu is now available in an RTD called “Yamazaki Distillery Matured Charred Cask Umeshu Soda 350ml Can,” a really long name for an umeshu soda. This one comes out on May 15 in limited quantities at 5% abv.
  • Finally we have -196°C Strong Zero Lychee, another limited release coming on May 22. Lychee has a really strong flavor, so try it if you haven’t yet!

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