5th Anniversary: Get a free month of the Nomikai

In celebration of nomunication.jp’s fifth anniversary, I’m offering the first month of the Nomikai, the site’s premium subscription option, completely free of charge!

It’s been just over a year since I announced my partnership with the Japan Whisky Research Centre to provide Whisky Galore articles online and in English, right here on this site.

The response has been great! It’s evident that many of you are very interested in getting the absolute latest info about Japanese whisky and spirits.

To further encourage everyone to see what the Nomikai has to offer, if you sign up during November 2021, you’ll get your first month completely free. That gives you a whole month, risk-free, to dig into the 31 premium articles that have been posted so far. And of course, you’ll be able to read new ones posted during that month.

You’ll have access to exclusive content such as:

  • On-site reports from Japan’s distilleries, big and small, so you have the latest information direct from its source
  • Interviews with distillery staff and management, so you can hear first-hand what new challenges they are taking on, and understand their visions for the future of Japanese spirits
  • Beautiful photography of the distilleries, their people, and their surroundings
  • Tasting notes and ratings of the latest bottles of Japanese whisky and other spirits by multiple professional tasters (Masters of Whisky, etc)

I would also add that this is a particularly good time to join because the December 2021 issue of Whisky Galore features extensive reporting on Japanese whisky distilleries.

Simply use coupon code NOMU5 in the form below to receive the discount. Please note that you’ll specifically need to use the code on this page; it won’t work on other pages on this site.

The coupon code is valid until November 30, 2021. I’ll see you at the Nomikai!

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Members of the Nomikai, nomunication.jp’s membership program, can access all premium articles for less than the cost of a dram of Japanese whisky. Sign up below to join the Nomikai, get the absolute latest in Japanese whisky and spirits, and help us bring you even more great content!

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