Event Report: 3rd PBO Cocktail & Bar Festa 2017

Worldwide Competition Zone

This was a really cool feature of the event. Each booth represented one of the world's major cocktail competitions, at the winners/Japan reps were on hand to make their winning cocktails:

  • Diageo World Class
  • Bols Around the World
  • Jose Cuervo Dons of Tequila
  • Ron Zacapa Cocktail Competition
  • Hennessy XO Cocktail Competition
  • Monin Cup Japan
  • Bacardi Legacy
  • Beam Suntory The Cocktail Award
  • PBO Cocktail Competition

First up is Diageo World Class.

Diageo World Class booth
The winning cocktail
Bols Around the World booth
Masaki Ishimura was the Japan representative for the 2017 Bols Around the World competition
Koji Esashi, named the 2015 Don of Tequila by Jose Cuervo. He won the global title the first time the contest was held 
That black labeled bottle of Cuervo is one of the prizes for winning the competition, the winner gets his/her own batch of Cuervo made
Notoka Shigenari, winner of the 2014 Ron Zacapa Cocktail Competition
The winning cocktail, elegante
Bacardi Legacy booth, this is Kentaro Sato. We saw him at the BarShow earlier this year. 
This winning cocktail from Japan
Suntory The Cocktail Award booth
The winning recipe by Tomohiro Matsushita
Tomohiro Matsushita himself
The PBO Bartenders Competition 2017 winning cocktail by Toshinori Imada
Toshinori Imada at work

That concludes the event report! And I didn't even make it to any of the seminars. Next year I'll be sure to make a full day of it.


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