Join the Nomikai’s members-only content area is called the Nomikai. Thanks to our exclusive partnership with the Japan Whisky Research Centre, we are able to bring you the latest news, on-site reports, interviews, and more, straight from the pages of Japan’s only whisky and spirits magazine, Whisky Galore

Whisky Galore is a bimonthly publication of the Japan Whisky Research Centre (JWRC), the same company behind the Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition, Japan’s biggest Whisky Festivals, Whisky Kentei, and Whisky Connoisseur. If it’s related to whisk(e)y in Japan, chances are JWRC is somehow involved.

The magazine’s editorial philosophy is 現場主義, genba shugi, roughly translating to “boots on the ground.” In practice, this means that JWRC visits the distilleries in-person to get the absolute latest info, direct from its source. They’ve already been doing that for several decades, giving them unparalleled knowledge and insight into the whisky and spirits scenes of Japan and other countries,

Like myself, Tsuchiya-san and the JWRC are passionate about spreading accurate knowledge and the latest news about Japanese whisky and spirits to the rest of the world. That’s why they have agreed to this partnership, allowing to offer Whisky Galore’s great articles, posted right here in English.

Whisky Galore and

For readers, this is the best of both worlds. You’ll have access to exclusive content such as:

  • On-site reports from Japan’s distilleries, big and small, so you have the latest information direct from its source
  • Interviews with distillery staff and management, so you can hear first-hand what new challenges they are taking on, and understand their visions for the future of Japanese spirits
  • Beautiful photography of the distilleries, their people, and their surroundings
  • Tasting notes and ratings of the latest bottles of Japanese whisky and other spirits by multiple professional tasters (Masters of Whisky, etc)

Up until now, this information has otherwise only been available in print, and only in Japanese. It’s an entirely new window into the world of Japanese spirits, available for the first time ever online!

You can expect an exclusive article once every two weeks, for less than the cost of a dram of Japanese whisky! And of course, you’ll also be supporting this site, enabling us to bring you even more great content.

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