Tokyo’s Best Happy Hours

Havana Cafe

As the glimmering sheen of Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown has faded over the years, Roppongi has turned from being a place to "be seen" at to a place that's ridden with touts, outright scams, terrible bars, and entirely too Instagrammable clubs. Or perhaps that's how it's always been, and I'm the one losing my shiny sparkle?

In any case, one thing that has remained steadfast is the happy hour at Havana Cafe. Located near Tokyo Midtown, the Havana Cafe has plenty of decent Mexican menu options to satisfy your cravings for enchiladas and nachos.

The happy hour is especially well-known for its affordability: the menu consists of drinks at three tiers: 300 yen, 400 yen, or 500 yen. The 300 yen menu, while basic, has draft beer and wine, then 400 yen moves into cocktail territory, and at 500 yen you're in margaritaville. Definitely an affordable happy hour! Though the happy hour used to start at a mere 100 yen, 300 yen still isn't breaking the piggy bank. It's still a great way to begin one of those Roppongi nights bursting with excitement, joy, frustration, club bouncers, exasperation, someone losing their phone, Nigerians, kebabs, police, and regret all at the same time.

Havana Cafe


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