Japan Distillery Map

If you’re looking for a map of Japan’s whisky distilleries, rum distilleries, gin distilleries, or other kind of distilleries, you’re in the right place!

This map shows all major distilleries in Japan, including legendary distilleries that have closed, those currently operating, and even those expected to start distilling in the near future. I’ll keep this updated as much as possible going forward. Each listing describes the distillery’s major products, when they opened/closed, and whether or not it’s open to the public.

Please note that for now the map covers only distilleries making Western liquors. I’ll consider adding shochu distilleries later if there’s enough demand.

Like many countries, distilling for purposes of making liquor requires a license in Japan. This licensing process is managed by Japan’s National Tax Agency.


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Whisky distillery
Gin distillery
Rum distillery
Other spirit distillery
A faux “distillery” that use imported malt/grain whisky as part of their final product. They might still call it Japanese whisky, they might not.
Closed distilleries
A future distillery that has already announced their intention to make whisky or some other spirit
A speculative distillery that has obtained a license to make whisky, but hasn’t made any public announcements yet

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