Club / クラブ

Description: This isn't the kind of club where you roll deep with your crew and start popping bottles in the VIP before slamming into the dance floor. "Clubs" in this sense are the top end of the kyabakura world in Japan, like your first class compared to economy, if you will. Although these places tend to be very private, in case you do see someone else, he'll probably be someone notable or famous like a professional athlete, company president, partner at a legal firm, celebrity, or politician. Of course, to have meaningful conversation with the patrician strata, girls are expected to be more lady-like, well educated, and abreast of current events in society and the business world.

Don't be afraid of walking in the wrong door in Ginza and stumbling into one of these places though. Clubs require that you know someone who knows someone. So you'll simply be turned away if you just show up, even on purpose, and you don't know anyone. Even someone who does know someone will probably be turned away if his particular "representative" isn't available that night.

System: Unlike kyabakura and New Clubs, there are usually not Set times. However you'll be expected to order a bottle as well, or continue drinking the same bottle you opened last time you visited. You probably won't be able to order individual drinks without ordering said bottle.

Budget: The seat charge alone can run 40000-60000 yen. After your bottle service you're probably over 80000 yen by now. Hope you brought your wallet.

Making friends: Despite the very fancy facade, high-end clubs have the same goal as the cheapest kyabakura: getting you to buy into an escape from reality. That escape from reality can often extend far beyond the walls of the club itself, including but not limited to regular dinner dates, shopping trips, karaoke afterwards, and so on.