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Review: Kaiyō Japanese Mizunara Oak The Peated

In our recent report we learned much more about the story behind Kaiyō Whisky. This puts us in a better position ...
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Japanese Water Showdown: Still Water

As an island nation, water has been a big part of the culture in Japan since... forever. It's water that ...
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Whisky Festival 2019 in Tokyo, November 16-17

You probably don't need any reminder, but Japan's biggest whisky event is back this year for its 12th year. Following ...
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Review: Kikka Gin Batch 004

The Yamato Distillery recently opened their doors this year in Nara prefecture's city of Gose. Their Japanese craft gin is ...
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Review: Fuji Gotemba Distillery Blended Whisky Kumpu, 2019 Edition

The latest out of Kirin's Fuji Gotemba Distillery is the 2019 limited edition of "Kumpu" blended whisky. Kumpu is a ...
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Japan-exclusive Knappogue 12 Barolo celebrates the close of the Heisei era

Born in Ireland, raised in Italy, and emigrated to Japan. That's how new importer Titanic Holdings describes their recent Japan-exclusive ...
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Review: Kirin Whisky Oak Master Taru Kaoru

Stocks of decently aged Japanese whiskies continue to run low. Last year, Kirin announced the demise of Fuji Sanroku Tarujuku ...
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TWSC details new “Japanese Whisky” requirements

Several weeks back we learned how the Japan Whisky Research Centre was looking to get the ball rolling on the ...
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Aichi Craft Whisky Kiyosu, another fake. Probably.

Sake maker Kiyosuzakura aims to join the fray of "Japanese" whisky makers with a new blended "whisky" called Aichi Craft ...
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Kampai Samurai: Jarom Reid, Johnnie Walker Brand Ambassador Japan

The Kampai Samurai interview series brings together experts in Japanese whisky, sake, shochu, beer, gin, and other categories to explore ...
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