[Premium] Suntory Sui: the Japanese Gin Blazing a New Trail

Suntory's SUI caused a stir with its unique TV commercial proposing something unheard of: pairing izakaya fare with a gin and soda, the Sui Gin Soda. We sat down with developer Akira Yoshihiro of Suntory Spirits Limited to ask about this new Japanese gin with the hidden potential to become a new standard in drinks that go with food.

Text: Yoshitaka Nishida
Images: Ayumi Fujita

Translation: Whiskey Richard

This article originally appeared in Japanese in Whisky Galore Vol.28 / October 2021.

A gin suited for gin soda that pairs with Japanese food

Tsuchiya: To begin, can you take us through what you had pictured in your mind when developing "Sui?"

Yoshihiro: Suntory has a long history making gin, beginning in 1936. The culmination of that, "Roku" premium gin, was created in 2017. It has been well received by bars worldwide, such as in Europe, particularly within the world of mixology. At the same time, there's also a world of gin to enjoy closer-to-home, as part of everyday life. In Japan these days, mixing alcohol with soda has become very commonplace, as you can see with the popularity of the whisky highball and using soda with shochu. So rather than cocktails such as gin & tonic, we wanted to offer a new option that can be enjoyed during a meal: the gin & soda.

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